Our curriculum is set up into a monthly outline which will be given to parents at the beginning of each month. We use our own specially designed curriculum based on our years of experience working in early childhood education and current scientific research. As part of our Reggio-Emilia inspired approach to learning, our curriculum is based on our children’s interested and focused on letting them guide the direction of their own learning.  We include daily art projects, as well as a focus on math, science, reading and writing development. We will also focus on fine motor skills development with multiple sensory activities, cut/paste projects, manipulative play, dramatic play, and music.  We believe children are natural learners and need the space and opportunities to explore their own environment in order to learn and grow. Our curriculum is created with developmentally age appropriate guidelines and documenting of children’s individual growth and development throughout the year. Our daily curriculum also includes yoga twice a day and two circle times a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon as well as outside play, story time, group sharing/discussions along with our academic lesson plans.

Our curriculum will also include weekly Integrated Literature Studies. Our literature studies theme means taking a children’s story book that the class is currently interested in and using it to guide our weekly art projects, math/science focus, dramatic play and using the concepts of sequences, cause and effect and the lesson the book teaches to relate to the real world and help the children to develop their own interpretations of the book as well.


Circle time is our special and very important time to come together as a class and learn, discuss, share and work as a group. It not only sets up the expectations for the day and our curriculum but it builds each child’s confidence as they share & ask questions, promotes their listening skills, social skills and gives them their moment to not only observe and learn but to be a part of the group.

How we do this:
Group discussions
Show & Tell
Assigning daily special helpers
Birthday recognition
Calendar time
Music (singing songs as a group or playing instruments as we sing)
Story time