Our school is designed so that children have designated place to learn play and explore. We have a science center, art center, dramatic play, reading center, sensory area, outdoor play area as well as multiple manipulative play stations. Children are encouraged to freely explore and use their unique imaginations.  We incoprate these various centers into our daily routine and weekly curriculum.

We have various themed days which have included bike day, super hero day, story book character day and many more. This encourages our class to be creative, fun and silly as well as allows us to incoprorate these fun various child interest into our daily lesson plans. Wheather it is super hero letters, jungle animals math or princess style yoga the childrens interest and exciment for learning is always at the center of what we do.

Art is a primary focus for our school. We give our students daily opportinuies to use art to express themselves. Whether its painting, coloring, water paints, scissors & glue or unique art tools you will find art to be a major staple in our daily curriculum.   Through music, storytelling and dramatic play our class is always encouraged to be creative and have fun!